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Sara Bareilles: Concert Review @ the Riviera Oct. 11

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Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes

Recently, I have made a new best friend whose name is Noisetrade.  Combined with Brite Revolution, my mind has been blown with constant amazing music recommendations that can be downloaded for free.  It’s like a constant season of Christmas!

One artist in particular that I thought was worth mentioning since I listened to their album, Civilized Man, for a straight week is Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes.

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Ten Out of Tenn @ Park West Sept. 23

Co-founded by Trent Dabbs and his wife Kristen, with some help from a few others, Ten Out of Tenn was created to show there’s more to Nashville then simply country boots and rhinestones and that not just country music is born from of it.  Using their connections, these singer-songwriters joined forces with their other musical friends to create a ten artist memorable musical experience that tours the United States. Continue reading →

Fall Playlist

My favorite season is finally here! Fall!!! The beautiful colors that the trees display, the cooler weather and the general creativity that results from it give me so much pleasure that I feel like I’m constantly smiling.  My love affair with fall is so strong that I’ve already decided my wedding will be in October.  I don’t know who my husband will be, but I know our wedding date.

The fashion is better as girls trade in their flip-flops and tank tops for boots and scarves as they recreate their style with new colors and various layers before having to wear a winter coat for the next three months.  Candles and incense become a recreational activity, filling the space with smells of pumpkins and autumn leaves.  Coffee and tea taste better with flavors like hazelnut and pumpkin spice are added. Seriously. How could you not love fall? Continue reading →

Elenowen. Oh my love, this is the beginning…

Remember when American Idol was exciting?  I saw when since it has lost more and more viewers over the years.  I blame this on the change of focus, from finding and embracing true talent to creating a singing star.  I miss the days when Kelly and Justin were in the final two in Season 1, and it didn’t matter who won because both were so amazing.  I miss feeling Iike I’m apart of something special when newcomers like Carrie Underwood come on and blossom into a female powerhouse and rightfully win the whole competition in Season 4. Continue reading →
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