Fall 2013 Playlist

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        With the lowering of temperatures lately, it’s clear that winter is approaching. Rather than be sad about the plants dying, the days getting shorter, and having to see white for the next few months, let’s enjoy these last few weeks of fall we have left. What better way to celebrate something than through music?

Here is the playlist that I’ll be using to say a sweet farewell to my favourite time of year:

1. Rill Rill by Sleigh Bells

With their punk rock and indie twist sound, usually paired with a heavy bass, Sleigh Bells seems to be either a hit or a miss for me. If styled right, it presents a whole new level for indie, rock artists. If styled wrong, the bass becomes too much, overshadowing all else. In Rill Rill, however, everything mixes so perfectly that you’ll find yourself snapping your fingers to it.

2. The Love Club by Lorde

Lorde has made quite the introduction for herself with Royals still topping the charts, but don’t think she will be just another one-hit wonder.  From her EP of the same name, The Love Club transfixes the audience with its dreamlike quality while incorporating a similar swagger to Royals. We’ll call it Lorde’s signature musical element, and it works.

3. Byegone by Volcano Choir

While Bon Iver may or may not be over (I know, I’m upset too), that in no means that Justin Vernon is done sharing his musical genius with the world as he has made his former side project, Volcano Choir, his main focus. Upon hearing Byegone, the first few notes immediately draw the listener in as the powerful crashing of sound pulls you in further, almost like waves crashing against rocks before pulling you under the water. With almost two and a half minutes of building crescendo, it’s that much more powerful when the music finally breaks into “set sail!”

4. Tired by The Electric Hearts

Jessica Breanne of The Electric Hearts pierces through all the crap and gets straight to the point of being “tired, tired, tired of you” with her raw voice. As a former choir nerd, I also got a bit giddy when I heard their great use of staccatos. Along with big blues riffs, the guitar, drums and bass effectively carry the song to each new stage and complement the lyrics with matching dynamics.

5. The Seed (2.0) (featuring Cody Chestnu) by The Roots

I’m very slowly exposing myself to more and more hip/hop and rap. On my journey, I have come to the same conclusion everyone else has awhile ago; The Roots are pretty damn awesome. The Seed (2.0) uses sex, plant, and religious metaphors to explain how they are slipping in the song, an out of genre song, under the music industry’s radar. Shrewd irony.

6. Harvest Moon by Neil Young

Harvest Moon is a staple for any autumn/fall playlist. It’s a beautiful song that inspires you to go outside and dance under the moonlight while breathing in the crisp, fall air. It’s a reassurance that while the leaves and trees may die, love doesn’t have to.

7. Hey Mami by Sylvan Esso

Sylvan Esso opened up for Volcano Choir and were so good that one might have mistaken it as a double header show. My favourite part of their sound is that they use technology and electronics as an instrument and a tool, rather than a crutch. The cool playback and bass create a unique and electronic sound.

8. Reflektor by Arcade Fire

Though I was already looking forward to Arcade Fire’s next album, hearing David Bowie and some french lyrics in Reflektor has now made me stoke. They make a musical mirror as sounds of the guitar and other instruments seem to bounce back and forth, almost prismlike. This hypothesis becomes more plausible as their voices echo while saying, “reflection.” The song describes how we rely on modern forms of communication like technology as a barrier or reflektor to “live” our life while actually not living at all.

9. Temple by Kings of Leon

Gone from the spotlight for a few years, Kings of Leon make their return with a song that sounds closer to their earlier work. Their rock sound is used to create a yearning tone for Temple as the narrator wants to get a girl’s attention as he cares for her so much. He’d take “a bullet in the temple” for her.

10. Now That I’ve Found You (Version 2) by Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed

The pure and honest love of Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed is fully felt in this sweet duet. While there may not be much depth to the lyrics, sometimes honest love is all you need. You can feel the happy, playful and heartwarming energy the two have so much that it’s contagious.

11. I Had Me A Girl by The Civil Wars

In every way that Now That I’ve Found You is light, playful, and pure, I Had Me A Girl is dark, tainted, and contemplative, which makes the offset between the two that much more fun and interesting. John Paul White and Joy Williams return with their hauntingly beautiful harmonies as they create a song of raw passion.

12. Shake by The Head And The Heart

Perhaps my favourite part about Shake is how ‘the wind’ is used to represent destiny. It’s a fun song with some great harmonies, and Charity (the girl in the group) even gets to have a bit of a solo. The Head And The Heart do a great job of layering musical elements and melodies throughout all of their songs.

13. Blood and Bones by Elenowen

There’s an intensity that you instantly feel in Blood and Bones. With one melody throughout the verses, it  gets split in the chorus into a beautiful harmony almost as if to represent how love reaches two people. Josh and Nicole Johnson have such incredible voices and really know how to match each other’s vocals well in tone, volume and dynamics.

14. Spotlight by Leagues

A lot of attention has been paid to Leagues recently and rightfully so. They’re incredibly talented with their full and brisk sound. Spotlight speaks of a love deeper than that of a romantic love and proves itself to be more than just another indie song.

15. My Tears Are Becoming a Sea by M83

Because this song is epic, powerful and triumphant, it makes for an ideal end song for a playlist or album. You can feel the tremendous change as the symbols crash almost as if a huge event just ended or something larger is yet to come…

Thanks for checking out my blog! Go listen to my playlist on spotify. It’s under Fall 2013 Official. Leave your comments, questions, feedback below.


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