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The Grammys 2012: Honoring Real or Commercial Talent?

In general, I really enjoyed this year’s Grammy’s.  I thought they did a much better job honoring the artists that deserved recognition than they usually do.  In fact, I’m kind of regretting not placing bets on who would win because I would have made a lot of money.  However, there were significant errors, some of which I’m still baffled by. Continue reading →


The DOs and DON’Ts of Attending a Concert

I’ve been to many concerts in my life, this semester in particular, and have found there are good and bad things to do at a concert.  This is a more general list.  I’m not specifically referring to an outdoor vs. indoor venue, a punk vs. classical concert, etc.  This is a work in progress, and I’ll most likely add things to this list or split it up into particular concerts if need be.  For now, this is what I have. Continue reading →

Ten Out of Tenn @ Park West Sept. 23

Co-founded by Trent Dabbs and his wife Kristen, with some help from a few others, Ten Out of Tenn was created to show there’s more to Nashville then simply country boots and rhinestones and that not just country music is born from of it.  Using their connections, these singer-songwriters joined forces with their other musical friends to create a ten artist memorable musical experience that tours the United States. Continue reading →

New Beginnings…

I’ve never written a blog before because I never knew what I would write about…until now.
Music has always been a huge part of my life: from singing along to the Little Mermaid when I was five to falling in love with Coldplay’s first album in middle school to traveling to Nashville this summer, reaffirming that I want to spend my life being apart of the music world.
This blog will act as a documentation of my adventures with music. It will include but will not be limited to new up-and-coming bands/artists, playlists I create, a rediscovery of artists/bands, a discovery of known artists/bands, and concerts.
Hope you enjoy the ride 🙂


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