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Goodbye Summer 2014

summer I think we can all agree that summer was a bit of a late bloomer this year. From late night hangouts with friends, squished between thousands at a music festival, tanning all day at the beach, going away for a weekend camping trip, etc., many find summer to be the most memorable time of the year. My music taste tends to come in seasonal waves. While I mostly prefer rock and indie acts, which you can probably tell by my previous posts, there’s something about the laid back, almost nostalgic nature of summer that encourages me to bring other genres into the mix. From old to new, from hip hop to country, here’s what made my summer a good one. Continue reading →


Fall 2012 Playlist

My obsession with fall continues each year a little stronger than the last.  Despite the good and bad changes that happen throughout the year, one thing that you can depend on for fall is new music.  For me, it’s similar to having Christmas two times a year instead of one because SO many bands tour in the fall, particularly the up-and-coming or lesser known ones.  Plus, you can combine a lot of great fall things on the way to show venues like walking through the fallen, colorful leaves and stopping to get your hazelnut or pumpkin spice latte/coffee on the way, while wearing your awesome fall scarf.  How does that not sound great?  Here’s my fall playlist this year to listen to as you think about it.  Let me know your thoughts and enjoy the rest of this beautiful season while it lasts! Continue reading →

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